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D>Art05 distributed art and mobile journeys
Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive)
  • Su Ballard, University of Wollongong
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Ballard, S. "D>Art05 distributed art and mobile journeys." Filter 61 (2005): 16-17.

There is time for the work to be examined, experimented with, and opened up to a visiting public. This kind of exhibition model has for a long time been problematic for works that do not exist within a defined 3D space, or a comfortably measured duration. D>Art05 and Mobile Journeys address the temporal and spatial restrictions of the exhibition model by making the work available for download both during and post-exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition could bring their mobiles and download any of the fourteen works in Mobile Journeys, in effect, mobilising the work.
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Filter Magazine
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Su Ballard. "D>Art05 distributed art and mobile journeys" (2005) p. 16 - 17
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