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About Stuart S Yeh

1998, Doctor of Philosophy in Evaluation, Stanford University
1984, Master of Public Policy, University of Michigan, Ford Institute of Public Policy Studies
1982, Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan, Economics
I am Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Evaluation Studies Program at the University of Minnesota, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development. I have served as an invited expert at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France, and testify regularly before the Minnesota state legislature.
I apply cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit and evaluation methods to evaluate social programs and policies. Recently, I completed a series of publications that analyzed the cost-effectiveness of various approaches for raising student achievement: a 10 percent increase in educational spending, voucher programs, charter schools, increased accountability, class size reduction, comprehensive school reform, NBPTS teacher certification, value-added teacher assessment, and programs that assess students 2 to 5 times per week and provide rapid feedback of the results to students and teachers.
I am especially interested in the application of systems theory to understand why certain problems persist, despite the existence of programs and policies designed to address those problems, and to assist in the identification of areas where new policies or changes in existing policies may be beneficial.


Present Associate Professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

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University of Minnesota
86 Pleasant Street, S.E.
330 Wulling Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455


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