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Collaboration: Advocacy for School Change
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  • Cynthia Strong, Seattle Pacific University
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Adolescent literacy is a looming issue in secondary schools. Being able to read, comprehend, and write is imperative for students to understand the content of their classes and textbooks. According to Michael Kamil, professor of psychological studies in education and learning at Stanford University, "we almost need a trauma center to take care of this problem, it's that serious for kids that can't read...It's the number-one factor standing in the way of their graduating" (Manzo-Kennedy). Given the importance of literacy, this article provides a story of how a high school media specialist on the east coast sought to collaborate with faculty to increase literacy.

Cynthia Strong is presently, the liaison librarian for the School of Business & Economics, and the School of Education at Seattle Pacific University.
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Cynthia Strong. "Collaboration: Advocacy for School Change" (2007)
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