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Which Bible? Which God?
Appalachian Journal of Law (2012)
  • Stewart Harris, Lincoln Memorial University - Duncan School of Law
All too often judges and lawyers wield their only weapons - words - all too carelessly. This has led to well-documented difficulties in the law, many quite serious. 

In this article, I address the careless use of two terms that are especially problematic: "God" with a capital "G" and "the Bible" with the definite article and a capital "B." I suggest that judges and lawyers refrain from using such terms unless doing so is necessary, which should rarely be the case. When it is necessary to mention a bible or a god, judges and lawyers should cite very specifically to the document they are referencing or to the particular deity in question. This will not only engender more precision, it will also avoid the false suggestion of religious consensus.
  • religion,
  • first amendment,
  • bill of rights
Publication Date
Winter 2012
Citation Information
12 Appalachian J. L. 151