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Unpublished Paper
NEW!! The 2011 American State Litter Scorecard (abstract)
American Society for Public Administration 2011 Conference (Booklet) (2011)
  • Stephen [Steve] L Spacek
By popular demand, a new, up-to-date State Litter "Scorecard" is released for the 2011 ASPA Baltimore event--measuring each states overall environmental quality through public spaces debris removal efforts. The " 'Card" uses tried-and-true, hard-to-publicly obtain objective and subjective measures, leading to a total overall score for each measured jurisdiction. Readers can thus gain a realistic "picture" of "what's going on" within one or all of the 50 states. Littering (and voluminous dumping) remains harmful, serious American environmental crimes, creating dangers to public health and safety, and contributing to the deaths each year, of over 800 citizens nationwide in debris-attributed motor vehicle accidents. The first, original 2008 'Card was cited by major U.S. newspapers and journals (ex. The Boston Globe; The 2009 National Cooperative Highway Research Program's "Reducing Litter on Roadsides") and has been a valuable tool in enabling improved performance practices. Public litter prevention and abatement remains a mandated, increasingly important function of American state governance. Findings show Washington State deemed the overall top BEST state for litter removals, followed by California, Iowa, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Oregon, New Hampshire, New York and North Carolina. Kentucky led the bottommost WORST states, along with Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, Montana, North Dakota and Texas. Regretfully, some states still do not collect important comparative litter data measures, nor have yet to make real differences in improving statewide ecological conditions, in order to truly protect citizenry health and welfare and abide by prescribed statutes. As the "green" movement is gradually finding appreciation and acceptance by Americans, state policymakers, public administrators, organizations and citizens alike are increasingly interested in effectual public performance outcomes. This research is yet another call to action--to help remedy unattended-to, public surface environmental issues--and, to save lives.
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Publication Date
Spring March, 2011
Citation Information
Stephen [Steve] L Spacek. "NEW!! The 2011 American State Litter Scorecard (abstract)" American Society for Public Administration 2011 Conference (Booklet) (2011)
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