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The (First) American State Litter Scorecard (2008)
American Society for Public Administration (2008)
  • Stephen [Steve] L Spacek
ABSTRACT Littering is an American environmental crime, creating a danger to public health and safety. Experts nationwide have done little research on litter’s impingement upon state jurisdictional environmental degradation. Unfortunately, the 50 American states do not collect uniform litter data measures, such as volumes of waste collected, total litter eradication expenditures, the number of persons injured or killed by litter/dumping-related incidents. For the first time, a "litter scorecard" is created, measuring each state’s environmental quality indicators and litter eradication programs. The research first examines salient social and political mores that influence littering and statewide environmental degradation through a review of relevant literature, noteworthy factors and previous personal inquiries. Second, the scorecard evaluates state litter eradication quality though unique objective and subjective measures. Overall findings indicate national average quality eradication programs are found outside the Sunbelt states, lacking anti-litter slogans, and having above average daily personal waste disposals, litter-related vehicle fatalities, and public corruption conviction rates. Best quality jurisdictions are non-Sunbelt states with above average livability scores, lowest per person waste disposals, average per capita state/local environmental expenditures, and little or no public corruption convictions; Southern Sunbelt states possessing excessive Traditionalistic political culture, low livability marks, anti-litter slogans, and above average, litter-related fatal crashes performed worst.
  • Environmetal Indicators,
  • Littering,
  • States,
  • Highways,
  • Dumping,
  • Unites States
Publication Date
Spring March, 2008
Citation Information
Stephen [Steve] L Spacek. "The (First) American State Litter Scorecard (2008)" American Society for Public Administration (2008)
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