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On Stephen King's Phallus.pdf
Narrative (1996)
  • Steven Bruhm
This article considers Stephen King's The Shining, 'Salem's Lot, and The Dark Half alongside Lacan's theories of the terror of the signifier. I argue that writing as a (phallic) act is a means of dis-empowerment and homophobic terrorizing in King's protagonists, all of whom have a specially vexed relationship to language and expression.
  • Stephen King,
  • psychoanalysis,
  • queer theory,
  • the gothic,
  • The Shining,
  • 'Salem's Lot
Publication Date
January, 1996
Citation Information
Steven Bruhm. "On Stephen King's Phallus.pdf" Narrative Vol. 4 Iss. 1 (1996) p. 55 - 73
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