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An Intersection of Laws: Citizens United v. FEC
GSULR Symposium
  • Neil Kinkopf
  • Patrick Wiseman
  • Gene Nichol
  • Richard Briffault
  • Jamie Raskin
  • Steven L. Winter
  • Michael Boos
  • Stefan C. Passantino
  • Amol S. Naik
  • Heather K. Gerken
  • Eric Segall
  • Ciara Torres-Spelliscy
  • Anne Tucker Nees
  • Larry Ribstein
  • Rick Hasen
  • Joel Gora
  • Michael Kang
Law Offices of McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP -- Atlanta, GA
Start Date
12-11-2010 8:15 AM
End Date
12-11-2010 5:00 PM
The Georgia State University College of Law will hold a one-day symposium on Friday, November 12, 2010, to discuss the controversial Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC. In Citizens United, the Court overruled Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce and portions of McConnell v. FEC, holding bans on corporate independent campaign expenditures are unconstitutional under the First Amendment. Specifically, the Georgia State Law Review symposium will focus on how this case reflects the intersection of First Amendment Law, Corporate Law, and Election Law. The symposium itself will feature three 90-minute panel discussions focusing on each of these discreet areas. In addition, we will have a lunch time presentation by Heather Gerken of Yale Law School and a 60-minute panel discussion focusing on the impact of the decision on the Midterm Elections.
Citation Information
Neil Kinkopf, Patrick Wiseman, Gene Nichol, Richard Briffault, et al.. "An Intersection of Laws: Citizens United v. FEC" (2010)
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