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Unpublished Paper
Developing an International Carbon Tax Regime
ExpressO (2015)
  • Steven Specht, Florida State University
As atmospheric CO2 remains in the range of 400 ppm, it is necessary to find new international coordination to deal with climate change. The best way forward is an international regime of harmonized domestic carbon taxes. By agreeing to a minimum amount of taxation on domestic, point-source producers, money can be set aside for adaptation costs and alternative means of energy production. Finally, such a plan will overcome the problem of non-participation of countries in agreements like the Kyoto Protocol. As this is a treaty dealing with economics and trade, countries can place taxes on imports of non-participatory countries under exceptions of GATT Article XX.
  • Carbon Tax,
  • International Carbon Tax,
  • GATT,
  • Kyoto Protocol,
  • GATT Article XX,
  • Greenhouse Gases,
  • GHGs
Publication Date
August 17, 2015
Citation Information
Steven Specht. "Developing an International Carbon Tax Regime" ExpressO (2015)
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