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Unpublished Paper
IMSA 2061 Program Year 2001-2002 Summary Report
  • Steven R Rogg

In 2000 IMSA and the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Project 2061 established a partnership, IMSA 2061, to offer unique and nationally recognized professional development programs for mathematics and science teachers and education leaders. Participants in the IMSA 2061 professional development programs learn to use the tools, research, and experiences of education reform to enable all students to achieve the learning expressed in state and national standards. Activities described in this report fall into two categories, Introductory Workshops and long-term programs with districts. IMSA 2061 Introductory Workshops help educators become aware of how to apply Project 2061 publications in their districts. Through its long-term school/district programs, IMSA 2061 facilitates the use of science education research, Project 2061 publications, and state and national standards to help schools/districts meet their goals of developing coherent science curricula, implementing instructional practices aimed at helping students overcome misconceptions and obtaining an understanding of important science concepts, and designing assessments that measure students’ understanding of science concepts.

  • Project 2061,
  • IMSA,
  • STEM,
  • educational reform
Publication Date
August 14, 2002
Citation Information
Steven R Rogg. "IMSA 2061 Program Year 2001-2002 Summary Report" (2002)
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