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Unpublished Paper
Effects of Irradiation on Cured Ham
Animal Industry Report
  • Terry A. Houser, Iowa State University
  • Joseph G. Sebranek, Iowa State University
  • Steven M. Lonergan, Iowa State University
Extension Number
ASL R1862
Publication Date
Animal Products
Summary and Implications
The effects of irradiation treatment at several different steps in the ham curing process were compared.Irradiation prior to the final cooking step of the ham process produced less off-odor quality change than irradiation after cooking. This means that irradiation to inactivate pathogens on ham products will have less quality effects if administered prior to the cooking step of the ham process.
Copyright Holder
Iowa State University
Citation Information
Terry A. Houser, Joseph G. Sebranek and Steven M. Lonergan. "Effects of Irradiation on Cured Ham" (2004)
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