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How We Teach: A Survey of Teaching Techniques in American Law Schools
Seattle University Law Review
  • Steven I. Friedland
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A person's law school teaching is predicated on or supported by one or more learning theories, therefore, Part II of this Article discusses cognitive and developmental learning theories and how they relate to law school teaching methods. Part III explains the teaching survey that was sent to the law schools, including the questionnaire used and the type of respondents who answered. Part IV of the Article reproduces the questionnaire results. Part V analyzes those results. This Article concludes that teaching methods should be consciously related to the learning process. Only by focusing on how students learn can a teacher truly be effective. The survey results show that although many law professors continue to use only the Socratic method, others are exploring alternative methods that may better ensure the effectiveness of the learning process.
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Steven I. Friedland. "How We Teach: A Survey of Teaching Techniques in American Law Schools" (1996) p. 1
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