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Strengthening Extension's Capacity to Conduct Public Issues Education Programs: Results of a National Needs Assessment
Journal of Extension
  • Loretta Singletary, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
  • Marilyn Smith, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
  • George Hill, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Steven E. Daniels, Utah State University
  • Steven Smutko, North Carolina State University at Raleigh
  • Janet Ayres, Purdue University
  • Kay Haaland, Washington State University
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Journal of Extension, Inc.
This article reports the results of a national survey of Extension professionals to assess their needs to acquire skills to conduct Public Issues Education (P.I.E.) programs. Survey respondents rated all 35 skill needs as either high or moderately high priorities regardless of their geographic region. Some differences in skill need priorities exist at the individual state level, however. These results illustrate a demand for professional development opportunities. While one national curriculum may suffice, professional development may be fine-tuned to address differences in individual states. Professional development may target beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill development levels, depending on individual state needs.
Originally published by Journal of Extension, Inc. HTML fulltext available through remote link.
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Singletary, Loretta, M. Smith, G. Hill, S. Daniels, S. Smutko, J. Ayres, and K. Haaland. 2007. Strengthening Extension's capacity to conduct Public Issues Education programs: Results of a national needs assessment. Journal of Extension 45(3)