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Improved immobilized carbon dioxide capture sorbents
Fuel Processing Technology
  • M. L. Gray
  • Y. Soong
  • K. J. Champagne
  • H. Pennline
  • J. P. Baltrus
  • R. W. Stevens, Jr., The University Of Akron
  • R. Khatri, The University Of Akron
  • Steven Chuang, The University of Akron
  • T. Filburn
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The capture of carbon dioxide from simulated flue gas streams has been achieved by using immobilized and aminated-SBA-15 solid sorbents. SBA-15, a mesoporous silica material with a uniform pore size of 21 nm and a surface area of 200∼230 m2/g. The solid sorbents prepared in this study exhibit similar or improved capacities relative to those already used to control CO2 concentrations in submarine and spacecraft applications. The results suggest that immobilized secondary amines have a stronger affinity for the capture of carbon dioxide from simulated flue gas streams than primary amines. The performance of these immobilized and aminated-SBA-15 solid sorbents decreased with regeneration.
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M. L. Gray, Y. Soong, K. J. Champagne, H. Pennline, et al.. "Improved immobilized carbon dioxide capture sorbents" Fuel Processing Technology Vol. 86 Iss. 14-15 (2005) p. 1449 - 1455
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