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Engaging Public Issues through Dialogue Journals: Preservice Teachers and Elementary Students Read and Respond
Social Studies Research and Practice (2011)
  • Steve P. Camicia, Utah State University
  • Sylvia Read, Utah State University

In a qualitative study, 50 pre-service teachers were partnered with 50 elementary students to write each other in dialogue journals responding to texts on public issues. Based upon our analysis of the journals, written reflections from pre-service teachers, and interviews with the elementary teachers in the project, three findings emerged: student motivation for reading and writing increased, both types of students gained perspective consciousness, and elementary teachers found meaningful ways to integrate social studies with language arts. These findings suggest multiple avenues for future research surrounding dialogue journals, student engagement with public issues texts, and teacher education.

  • engaging,
  • public issues,
  • dialogue,
  • journals,
  • preservice teachers,
  • elementary students,
  • read,
  • respond
Publication Date
April 1, 2011
Citation Information
Camicia, S. &Read,S.(2011).Engaging public Issues through dialogue journals: Preservice teachers and elementary students read and respond. Social Studies Research and Practice, 6(1), 21-­‐34.