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Towards a strategic blend in education : a review of the blended learning literature
Division of Research
  • Royce Willis, Southern Cross University
  • Tony Yeigh, Southern Cross University
  • David Lynch, Southern Cross University
  • Richard Smith, Southern Cross University
  • Steve Provost, Southern Cross University
  • Ken Sell
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Peer Reviewed

How might schools harness technological innovation for classroom effects? In this book the authors seek to answer this question by introducing and investigating the concept of Blended Learning through a review of current research literature. In this book, the authors consolidate the current state of Blended Learning research, by defining what is meant by Blended Learning before discussing specific technologies used in Blended Learning, the professional development required of teachers and how to implement whole of school Blended Learning regimes in schools. The book includes descriptions of popular Blended Learning models with real-world examples of their implementation, addressing both student and teacher perspectives. This book will serve as a guide to hastening the progress of Blended Learning towards the improvement of student outcomes in a world of continuous technological innovation and social change.

Citation Information

Willis, R, Yeigh, T, Lynch, D, Smith, R, Provost, S, Turner, D & Sell, K 2017, Towards a strategic blend in education : a review of the blended learning literature, Oxford Global Press, London, UK. ISBN: 9780244025748