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The Economic Structure of California's Commercial Fisheries
California Department of Fish and Game. (2009)
  • Steven C. Hackett, Humboldt State University
  • M Doreen Hansen, Humboldt State University
  • Dennis King, King and Associates, Inc
California commercial fishermen generate millions of dollars of ex-vessel revenues annually. However, the economic impacts made by California’s commercial fishermen on local and state economies are elusive due to the lack of economic cost data. This project provides fisheries managers, researchers, and stakeholders with the specialized economic modeling tools needed to examine the contribution of commercial fishermen to the economy of California and its coastal regions. To initiate this process, a survey of all California commercial fishermen participating in marine capture fisheries in 2006 was done to collect vessel and fishing-related costs, vessel and participant information, market channel data, and summary opinions on fishery conditions. Survey data were then merged with California Department of Fish and Game’s landing receipt and license datasets, which provided additional information required to estimate unit and item non-responses for all 2006 fishery participants. These comprehensive fleet-wide cost data were then aggregated into 20 operational configurations that together span all of the state’s commercial marine fisheries. Summary data on costs and other survey results are provided in the report. One of the main reasons for the survey research, however, was to support the development of a new economic tool for assessing the contribution of California’s marine fisheries to coastal communities, multi-county regions, and the overall state. Consequently, the aggregated cost data were used to develop a set of input-output coefficients for each operational configuration, and for county, region, and state-wide spatial groupings. The result of this work is the California Ocean Fish Harvester Economic (COFHE) model, a customized impact assessment model built on the IMPLAN impact assessment system. Supplementing this report are the COFHE models (in IMPLAN format) and Excel-based “look-up” tables that can be used by non-IMPLAN experts to estimate economic impacts related to California’s commercial fisheries. Both sets of supplemental materials are available from the Marine Region of the California Department of Fish and Game.
Publication Date
Spring April 7, 2009
Citation Information
Steven C. Hackett, M Doreen Hansen and Dennis King. "The Economic Structure of California's Commercial Fisheries" California Department of Fish and Game. (2009)
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