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A Plumber's Guide to Lawyering
Fordham Urban Law Journal
  • Stephen P. Wink
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We accept as the natural way that some must lose if others are to win; that some must go hungry, while others eat fully. But, Jesus taught that there is a third way that can arrest the cycle of violence and domination. A way that strikes a chord at the core of beings so that we may fully hear and see the other person we are dealing with. This is what is sometimes called nonviolent resistance. It springs from a conversation with another -- beyond just talking -- but a dialogue of being with another on a one to one basis. As General Counsel of an investment bank, the author of this Essay finds that he holds certain beliefs that sometimes appear to be, and sometimes actually are, opposed to the role that he is playing in society. The has led the author to a conversation about living with the truth. The answer he keeps finding is that he must start where he is, and follow where the conversation leads him.
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Stephen P. Wink. "A Plumber's Guide to Lawyering" (1999) p. 1175
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