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Data from eight studies on evaluating brand extensions [dataset]
Data Collections
  • Stephen Holden, Bond University

Eight data sets are made available by: Aaker and Keller (1990), Sunde and Brodie (1993), Alexandre-Bourhis (1994), Nijssen and Hartman (1994), Holden and Barwise (1995), and Bottomley and Doyle (1996) examining the way in which consumers evaluate brand extensions. However, because Holden and Barwise collected three sets of data, their data sets are referred to by the university where the data were collected (i.e., London Business School [LBS], ESSEC in France, and University of Illinois in the United States). The data is available in xls and SPSS formats.

Data includes: brand extention name, quality, complementary, substitute, transfer, quality extension, try, usage and researchers name.

Associated publication:

Do we really know how consumers evaluate brand extensions? Empirical generalizations based on secondary analysis of eight studies.

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150501, 150505
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