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Vaccination : Who's right and whose right to say so?
International Social Marketing Conference (2012)
  • Stephen S Holden, Bond University
Are social marketers really ethical? This essay extends Brenkert’s (2001, 2002) exploration of some of the ethical issues that confront, or perhaps ought to confront social marketers. It contributes to social marketing by adding to the list of ‘mythunderstandings’ offered by Donovan (2011) as follows: social marketing is not inherently and ethically good (even though “social good” is the objective). The implication for social marketing is that the notion of “doing good” needs to be subject to reasonable doubt and critical thinking rather than supported by untrammelled belief.
Publication Date
June, 2012
Citation Information
Stephen S Holden. "Vaccination : Who's right and whose right to say so?" International Social Marketing Conference (2012)
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