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The 1998-99 Nebraska Christmas Bird Count Summary
Nebraska Bird Review
  • Stephen J. Dinsmore, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union
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Dinsmore, "The 1998-99 Nebraska Christmas Bird Count Summary" in Nebraska Bird Review (March 1999) 67(1).


Copyright 1999, Nebraska Ornithologists' Union. Used by permission.


The 1998-99 Christmas Bird Count (CBC) period included eight counts in Nebraska. Counts were scattered statewide, but most effort was in the eastern half of the state. I know of at least one additional count (Branched Oak Lake) that was run this year, but not submitted.

In the following discussion, I have attempted to discuss what I believe are the more important aspects of this year's CBC period. This includes my general impressions about some of the commoner species, mention of rarities, notable misses, and other topics.

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Stephen J. Dinsmore. "The 1998-99 Nebraska Christmas Bird Count Summary" (1999)
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