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Waterfowl Abundance and Distribution in the Mississippi Delta
Delta Wildlife (2005)
  • Stephen J. Dinsmore, Mississippi State University
  • Aaron T. Pearse, Mississippi State University
  • Richard M. Kaminski, Mississippi State University
  • Kenneth J. Reinecke

During mornings of empty skies, a duck hunter has plenty of time to ponder the question, "Where are all the ducks?" Invariable, the distraught hunter arrives at an unhappy conclusion: the ducks are not going to show up, so they must be elsewhere. The typical progression of an unsuccessful morning of hunting leads to multiple explanations as to why there weren't any ducks, such as mild winter temperatures in and north of Mississippi, not enough rain to attract ducks, too much rain and the ducks are scattered, the region doesn't have enough food to attract and hold ducks, the ducks have been "blown out" of the area due to hunting pressure, and others.

  • duck hunting,
  • waterfowl abundance,
  • Mississippi Delta
Publication Date
Summer 2005
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Stephen J. Dinsmore, Aaron T. Pearse, Richard M. Kaminski and Kenneth J. Reinecke. "Waterfowl Abundance and Distribution in the Mississippi Delta" Delta Wildlife Iss. Summer` (2005)
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