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Beyond affect and cognition: Identification of the informational bases of food attitudes
Journal of Applied Social Psychology (2006)
  • Shelley N Aikman, Syracuse University
  • Stephen L Crites, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Leandre R Fabrigar, Queen's University - Kingston, Ontario

Two studies were conducted to identify the informational bases of food attitudes. Study I was an exploratory study in which participants indicated the importance of food characteristics and emotional reactions for determining their attitudes toward a variety of foods. On the basis of a series of exploratory factor analyses, 5 informational bases of food attitudes were identified: positive affect, negative affect, specific sensory qualities, abstract cognitive qualities, and general sensory qualities. A second confirmatory study corroborated the appropriateness of this 5-factor structure. Furthermore, the food-specific attitude structure model was found to have better fit than a more traditional attitude structure model. The implications of these findings for attitude theory, understanding eating behavior, and changing food selection are discussed.

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Aikman, S. N., Crites, S. L., Jr., & Fabrigar, L. R. (2006). Beyond Affect and Cognition: Identification of the Informational Bases of Food Attitudes. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 36(2), 340-382.