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Structure of Food Attitudes: Replication of Aikman, Crites, & Fabrigar (2006)
Appetite (2007)
  • Shelley N Aikman, Georgia State University
  • Stephen L Crites Jr., University of Texas at El Paso

Recent research by Aikman, Crites, and Fabrigar [(2006). Beyond affect and cognition: Identification of the informational bases of food attitudes. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 36, 340-382] suggests that food attitudes are comprised of five distinct informational bases: positive affect (e.g., calm, comforted), negative affect (e.g., guilty, ashamed), abstract cognitive qualities (e.g., healthy, natural), general sensory qualities (e.g., taste, smell), and specific sensory qualities (e.g., salty, greasy). The Aikman et al. (2006) research was conducted at a university on the US-Mexican border and consisted primarily of self-reported Latino participants. The present research replicates the previously identified food attitude structure at a university in the Northeast US with a sample primarily composed of self-reported Anglo American participants.

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Aikman, S. N., & Crites, S. L., Jr. (2007). Structure of food attitudes: Replication of Aikman, Crites, and Fabrigar (2006). Appetite, 49(2), 516-520.