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CAHOST Facilitating the Johnson-Neyman Technique for Two-Way Interactions in Multiple Regression.pdf
Frontiers in Psychology (2017)
  • Stephen W. Carden
  • Nicholas S. Holtzman, Georgia Southern University
  • Michael J Strube, Washington University in St. Louis
When using multiple regression, researchers frequently wish to explore how the
relationship between two variables is moderated by another variable; this is termed
an interaction. Historically, two approaches have been used to probe interactions:
the pick-a-point approach and the Johnson-Neyman (JN) technique. The pick-a-point
approach has limitations that can be avoided using the JN technique. Currently, the
software available for implementing the JN technique and creating corresponding figures
lacks several desirable features–most notably, ease of use and figure quality. To fill
this gap in the literature, we offer a free Microsoft Excel 2013 workbook, CAHOST (a
concatenation of the first two letters of the authors’ last names), that allows the user to
seamlessly create publication-ready figures of the results of the JN technique.  
  • moderation,
  • johnson-neyman,
  • interactions,
  • probing interactions,
  • multiple regression
Publication Date
July 28, 2017
doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01293
Citation Information
Stephen W. Carden, Nicholas S. Holtzman and Michael J Strube. "CAHOST Facilitating the Johnson-Neyman Technique for Two-Way Interactions in Multiple Regression.pdf" Frontiers in Psychology (2017)
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