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Lawyers as Advocate in Public Health Practice
Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics
  • Joan McNamara
  • Janice Carson
  • Stephen Bundy, Berkeley Law
  • Marice Ashe
Publication Date

Focuses on the role of lawyers as advocates in the administration of public health. Discussion of the roles of legal counsel to public health agencies; Impact of lawyers on the formation of public health laws and policies; Description of the role of legal counsel in public health administration in San Diego, California, and South Bend, Indiana, and across the U.S.; Aspect of professional ethics in the role of lawyers in public health advocacy.

Citation Information
Joan McNamara, Janice Carson, Stephen Bundy and Marice Ashe. "Lawyers as Advocate in Public Health Practice" Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics Vol. 32 (2004) p. 90
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