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Starting with Howard Gardner's Five Minds, adding Elliott Jaques's Responsibility Time Span: Implications for Undergraduate Management Education
WCOB Faculty Publications
  • Diana Stork, Emmanuel College - Boston
  • Jill Woodilla, Sacred Heart University
  • Stephen M. Brown, Sacred Heart University
  • John Ogilvie, University of Hartford
  • Regina Rutter, Emmanuel College - Boston
  • Mary G. Trefry, Sacred Heart University
Document Type
Peer-Reviewed Article
Publication Date

This article offers a perspective on management education derived from Howard Gardner's five minds framework and Elliott Jaques's responsibility time span. We describe the five minds (disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful, and ethical) and discuss some of the criticisms raised about Gardner's approach. We introduce Jaques's time span concept and suggest its applicability to the structuring of roles in a school of management. Putting Jacques together with Gardner allows us to explore questions about the five minds that could be addressed by deans, department chairs, and faculty members, each with a different responsibility time span.

Citation Information

Stork, D., Woodilla, J., Brown, S.M., Ogilvie, J., Rutter, R., & Trefry, M.G. (2010). Starting with Howard Gardner's five minds, adding Elliott Jaques's responsibility time span: Implications for undergraduate management education. Organization Management Journal 7(1), 28-38. doi: 10.1057/omj.2010.4