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About Stephen R Bowers

Professor Bowers has over thirty years of teaching at the college and university level. In
addition to his teaching experience, Bowers has had governmental assignments relevant to
International Relations and Comparative Politics. From 1982 through 1987, Bowers worked
as an Intelligence Analyst for the US Department of the Army. Over the years, he developed
an extensive multi-disciplinary program of study of the political transition of communist
societies in Eastern Europe. In 1998, Dr. Bowers founded an institute to support teaching,
research, and service in this area. Since 2006, this institute has functioned as the Center for
Security and Science and is based in the Helms School of Government. Since 1998, Bowers
has directed contracts for the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Intelligence Council,
and the USMC Intelligence Activity. In February, 2000, Bowers opened an office in Moldova
to direct work in the former USSR.


Present Professor of Government, Liberty University Helms School of Government

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