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Affective Neuroscience and the Philosophy of Self
Journal of Consciousness Studies (2012)
  • Stephen T Asma, Columbia College Chicago

The nature of self awareness and the origin and persistence of personal identity still loom large in contemporary philosophy of mind. Many philosophers have been wooed by the computational approach to consciousness, and they attempt to find the self amidst the phenomenon of neocortical information processing. Affective neuroscience offers another pathway to understanding the evolution and nature of self. This paper explores how affective neuroscience acts as a positive game-changer in the philosophical pursuit of self. In particular, we focus on connecting 'mammalian agency' to (a) subjective awareness, and (b) identity through time.

  • affective neuroscience,
  • philosophy and cognitive science,
  • philosophy of mind,
  • identity
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Stephen T Asma. "Affective Neuroscience and the Philosophy of Self" Journal of Consciousness Studies Vol. 19 Iss. 3/4 (2012)
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