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Gauging Gender: A Metaphysics
The Chronicle of Higher Education (2011)
  • Stephen T Asma, Columbia College Chicago

In this article the author discusses sex and gender in human beings and examines how the study of science, particularly biology, has influenced the study of these subjects in higher education. It traces the evolution of sex and gender studies in academe, comments on the failure of many humanities scholars to dismiss biology in studying human behavior, and explores ways in which psychoanalysis, social constructionism, and metaphysics have informed the debate over the differences between sex and gender. Other topics include research conducted by Anne Fausto-Sterling regarding intersexed people, scientific tests focusing on sexual preference in rats, and thoughts by several scholars on the subject including Evelyn Fox Keller, Louis Menand, and Michel Foucault.

  • gender,
  • sex,
  • biology,
  • psychoanalysis,
  • social constructionism
Publication Date
November 4, 2011
Citation Information
Stephen T Asma. "Gauging Gender: A Metaphysics" The Chronicle of Higher Education Vol. 58 Iss. 11 (2011)
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