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About Stephen P. Salters

Stephen Phillip Salters who attended Yale University while in high school, went on to Peabody Conservatory, affiliated with John’s Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. He completed his collegiate degrees with high distinction at Boston University with a Bachelor’s of Music in Vocal Performance, and obtained an Artist Diploma (classified just below a Doctorate) in Voice/Opera.

When he was led to The Trivedi Effect® in 2010 through Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s powerful remote presentations and face-to- face energy transmissions, he felt the true and amazing power of this Energy that has the ability to optimize the recipient’s needs or potential at atomic, molecular and/or cellular levels, to greatly enhance myriad behaviors and health. Mr. Trivedi’s unmatched and documented successes will stand the test of time with over 4,000 scientific studies, constituting the world’s largest database for scientists attempting to understand the power of consciousness, energy and even God.

Tested repeatedly through the rigors of science in human health, cancer, genetics, agriculture, livestock, biotechnology, microbiology and materials science, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, the Trivedi Masters - Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak and Alice Branton - and now an elite group of “100+ New Generation Biofield Trivedi Energy Healers” - will continue to create the next most expansive, “miraculous” and scientifically based form of help on this planet through revolutionary nutraceuticals and Biofield energy treatments using the Trivedi Effect®. Trivedi Global, Inc. will collaborate with international multi-billion-dollar research organizations to study and create revolutionary products to benefit the entire globe.

Research Interests

Vocal Performance and biofield energy healing


MS, John’s Hopkins University ‐ Bachelor’s of Music in Vocal Performance,