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A Time for Boldness: A Story of Institutional Change
  • Nancy L. Zimpher, University of Cincinnati
  • Stephen L. Percy, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Mary Jane Brukardt, Eastern Washington University
A Time for Boldness presents the story of how an urban research university is redefining what it means to be an engaged university. Through a challenging process that involved both campus and community, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has launched major initiatives and set a new direction for faculty, students, and staff.

This book is a report from those most involved in this process about what such broad-based change requires and what it can produce. It examines the how, why, and what—what happened, what worked (and what didn't), and what was learned about change in higher education.

Using a wide range of sources—quotations from the authors, newspaper clippings, essays by participants, interviews, first-person reflections by key leadership, as well as narration—this book tells a rich story of institutional change.
  • University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee -- History,
  • University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee -- Planning
Publication Date
May, 2002
Ankur Publishing Company, Inc.
Citation Information
Nancy L. Zimpher, Stephen L. Percy and Mary Jane Brukardt. A Time for Boldness: A Story of Institutional Change. (2002)
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