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Privacy Goes to the Dogs
Criminal Reports (2006)
  • Steve Coughlan, Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law
It becomes increasingly clear, with the decision of the Newfoundland Court of Appeal in R. v. Taylor, ante, that the question of whether police use of sniffer dogs constitutes a search, and if so when, will need to be addressed by the Supreme Court of Canada. In particular the question of whether R. v. Tessling has changed the approach to reasonable expectation of privacy as dramatically as some courts have suggested must be settled. Other questions will also need to be addressed.
  • privacy,
  • Newfoundland,
  • Court of Appeal,
  • R v. Taylor,
  • sniffer dogs,
  • police,
  • R v. Tessling,
  • reasonable expecation of privacy,
  • FLIR
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Steve Coughlan, "Privacy Goes to the Dogs" (2006) 40 CR (6th) 31.