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In Their Own Hand: An Analysis of Holographic Wills and Homemade Willmaking
Real Property, Trusts & Estate (2008)
  • Stephen Clowney, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Holographic wills - wills that are handwritten and unwitnessed - are traditionally thought of as a risky, do it yourself brand of estate planning. In the author's view, this is wrong. Using two years' of probate records from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this Article demonstrates that holographs are an indispensable tool for testators who are either unwilling or unable to commission a traditional will. Homemade testaments provide a low-cost alternative to intestacy, improve the overall quantity of will-making, function as a safety-net for testators who fall suddenly ill, and rarely result in litigation. The triumph of holographic wills also suggests, strongly, that state legislatures should consider reducing the number of requirements necessary to create a formal, attorney-authored will.
  • Holographic Wills,
  • Trusts & Estates,
  • Homemade Wills,
  • Testation,
  • Formalism,
  • Attestation
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Stephen Clowney. "In Their Own Hand: An Analysis of Holographic Wills and Homemade Willmaking" Real Property, Trusts & Estate (2008)
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