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About Stephen C. Angle

A philosophy writer and researcher specializing in Chinese Philosophy, Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism, and comparative philosophy, Angle’s research focuses on philosophy’s role in human rights, politics, and ethics both in China and globally. Angle’s work is informed by an on-going exchange of ideas with colleagues in universities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Germany, and France, and through his international philosophy blog,

Fluent in Mandarin and in classical Chinese, Angle has spent Fulbright years in Taipei and in Beijing, and will be a Berggruen Fellow at Peking University during academic year 2016-17. Many of his books and essays have appeared in Chinese translation. Angle’s books include Virtue Ethics and Confucianism (Routledge, 2013), Contemporary Confucian Political Philosophy: Toward Progressive Confucianism (Polity, 2012), Sagehood: The Contemporary Significance of Neo-Confucian Philosophy (Oxford, 2009), and Human Rights and Chinese Thought (Cambridge, 2002). For more information on his research and teaching, see his website.


Present Professor, Wesleyan University Philosophy
Present Mansfield Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies, Wesleyan University College of East Asian Studies

Curriculum Vitae


  • Classical Chinese Philosophy
  • Cognitive and Ethical Pluralism
  • Mencius
  • Neo-Confucian Chinese Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Human Rights and Chinese Philosophy
  • East Asian Studies Sophomore Colloquium (Pro-seminar)
  • Challenging Confucianism
  • Moral Psychology (section on Classical Chinese Moral Psychology)
  • Reading Classical Chinese Philosophy
  • Sagehood
  • Human Rights Across Cultures
  • Confucianism and Virtue Ethics
  • Modern Chinese Philosophy
  • Philosophy as a Way of Life
  • Chinese Buddhist Philosophy
  • Classical Chinese Philosophy: Chinese Lab
  • Paternalism
  • Comparative Philosophy


19881994 PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor ‐ Department of Philosophy
June 1990July 1990 Japanese Language, University of California, Los Angeles
June 1989July 1989 Japanese Language, University of Washington
19871988 Advanced Chinese, Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies
June 1987August 1987 Classical Chinese, Middlebury College ‐ Chinese School
19831987 BA, Yale University ‐ East Asian Studies
January 1986May 1986 Semester Abroad, Nanjing University
June 1984August 1984 Intermediate Chinese, Middlebury College ‐ Chinese School

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