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Four Categories of Women Who Work as Topless Dancers
Sexuality & Culture (2004)
  • Lacey Sloan
  • Stéphanie Wahab, Portland State University

Many involved in the feminist debates over sex work have polarized the construction of women in the sex industry as either victims of exploitation, or free agents who choose this work. This study examined the life circumstances of 30 women who worked as topless dancers to determine, how, if at all, the polarized debates reflect the realities of the women in this study. Four categories of women who worked as topless dancers emerged: (1) survivors, (2) workers, (3) non-conformists, and (4) dancers. These categories suggest that there is a continuum of experience with varying degrees of choice, and demonstrate the limitations of dichotomous thinking when it comes to understanding the lived experiences of women in the sex industry.

  • Social work research,
  • Prostitution -- Research
Publication Date
Winter 2004
Publisher Statement
Copyright (2004) Spinger *At the time of publication, Stéphanie Wahab was affiliated with the University of Utah
Citation Information
Lacey Sloan and Stéphanie Wahab. "Four Categories of Women Who Work as Topless Dancers" Sexuality & Culture Vol. 8 Iss. 1 (2004)
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