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Putting Artists on the Map: The Geography of Artists in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Journal of Urban Affairs
  • Stephanie R. Ryberg-Webster, Cleveland State University
  • Mark Salling, Cleveland State University
  • Greg Soltis
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Across the country, urban leaders are developing arts-focused urban policy, but much remains unknown about artists’ geography—particularly in contracting, rustbelt cities. Using Cuyahoga County, Ohio, this article describes the geography of artists and explores methodologies for predicting artist-concentrated neighborhoods. The research questions if, and how, scholars can predict artist neighborhoods and design policies to support and nurture these locations. It maps and analyzes existing patterns using survey, property, and Census data, and predicts artist-friendly neighborhoods via a regression model. The analysis reveals neighborhoods’ residual capacity for artists and directs initial policy recommendations for an artist-focused vacant land reutilization initiative. For scholars, the findings contribute to a rapidly growing body of literature about the relationship between artists, neighborhood revitalization, and urban policy. For practitioners, the research investigates one strategy for shaping land policy in the post-2008 housing market.

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Stephanie R. Ryberg-Webster, Mark Salling and Greg Soltis. "Putting Artists on the Map: The Geography of Artists in Cuyahoga County, Ohio" Journal of Urban Affairs Vol. 35 Iss. 2 (2013) p. 219 - 245
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