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Unpublished Paper
Writing Analyst Reports with Revisions: Assignment with Milestones to Achieve Learning
  • Stephanie Dehning Grimm
Many introductory accounting courses include a financial statement analysis project asking student groups to calculate and analyze financial ratios. These projects are often “one and done” term paper assignments in which students are assessed. A project with milestones and supporting activities allows students to use the project for learning by revising their work. Instructors may be hesitant to incorporate a project with milestones into their courses given required content coverage and perceived time constraints. We use the instructional design model from Anson (2007) to design an analyst research report project for the introductory financial accounting course. The project is designed to meet learning objectives and goals while balancing both in-class and instructor grading time constraints. The project uses supporting activities and milestones that relate to course content to keep students engaged in the project throughout the semester rather than merely the week it is due. Guided student feedback is incorporated to allow students an opportunity to revise their writing and to improve their final projects. This article discusses student learning goals, supporting activities for student learning, peer review instructions for revisions, a grading rubric to efficiently evaluate learning and implementation guidance. Anonymous student surveys indicated learning outcomes for the project were achieved. Instructors indicated that project implementation and grading were manageable and overall beneficial for student learning.
  • Introductory Financial Accounting Course,
  • Writing,
  • Analyst Report
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Stephanie Dehning Grimm. "Writing Analyst Reports with Revisions: Assignment with Milestones to Achieve Learning" (2012)
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