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Unpublished Paper
Learning Logs: Incorporating Writing to Learn Activities into the Introductory Accounting Couse
  • Stephanie Dehning Grimm
The introductory accounting course is a content laden class primarily comprised of homework problems and exams to teach and test accounting concepts. There is a perception by accounting instructors that their training and time constraints prevent the incorporation of writing into the introductory accounting course. However, employers and the profession consistently insist written communication is an essential skill for accountants (AICPA, 2012). The instructional design model developed in Anson (2007) encourages the incorporation of writing to learn (WTL) assignments into courses throughout the undergraduate curriculum. This article presents a series of WTL assignments that can be used in the introductory accounting course. The WTL assignments presented in the article meet the traditional learning objectives and goals of mastering accounting content with the added objective of developing student writing. Simple grading criteria are provided for the WTL assignments; the criteria are designed to limit instructor grading effort while providing students with constructive feedback. The article discusses student learning goals, sample WTL assignments and simple grading criteria to allow for the efficient evaluation the assignments. Anonymous student survey responses indicate learning outcomes from the WTL assignments were achieved and the instructor indicated that project implementation and grading were manageable.
  • Introductory Financial Accounting Course,
  • Writing to Learn
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Stephanie Dehning Grimm. "Learning Logs: Incorporating Writing to Learn Activities into the Introductory Accounting Couse" (2012)
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