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Fricke dosimetry for synchrotron stereotactic radiotherapy
Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences - Papers: Part A
  • C Boudou, Inserm-U647
  • M C Biston, Inserm U647
  • J F Adam, Inserm U647
  • A Joubert, Inserm U647
  • s corde, Inserm U647
  • A M Charvet, Inserm U647
  • F Esteve, Inserm U647
  • H Elleaume, Inserm U647
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Boudou, C., Biston, M., Adam, J., Joubert, A., corde, s., Charvet, A., Esteve, F. & Elleaume, H. (2004). Fricke dosimetry for synchrotron stereotactic radiotherapy. Journal of Physics : Conference Series, 3 (1), 209-212.

In synchrotron stereotactic radiotherapy (SSR) the tumor is loaded with a high Z element, and exposed to monochromatic x-rays from a synchrotron source, in stereotactic conditions. The SSR treatment efficiency is related to the heavy element concentration achievable in the tumor, to the radiation energy, and the irradiation geometry [1,2]. The experimental dose verification of SSR in three dimensions with a good spatial resolution is highly desirable for radiotherapy [3]. In this study, Fricke dosimeter and Monte Carlo calculations were employed for assessing 2D dose distribution.
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C Boudou, M C Biston, J F Adam, A Joubert, et al.. "Fricke dosimetry for synchrotron stereotactic radiotherapy" (2004)
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