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Broadcasting Departmental Impact On Employee Perceptions and Conflict
Journalism Quarterly (1988)
  • Stephanie J. Coopman, San Jose State University
  • Myria Watkins Allen
  • Joy Hart Seibert, University of Tulsa
  • John W. Haas, University of Kentucky

The article discusses departmental membership in a news company and how it affects work satisfaction and conflict. The differentiation and particular orientations of various departments that could lead to conflict were investigated through the three phases including observation, interviews and questionnaire survey. Statistics showed that 35% have work problems with the sales department, 27% have work problems with the news department and 25% with the engineering department.

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Stephanie J. Coopman, Myria Watkins Allen, Joy Hart Seibert and John W. Haas. "Broadcasting Departmental Impact On Employee Perceptions and Conflict" Journalism Quarterly Vol. 65 Iss. 3 (1988)
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