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Composition of the Aboriginal harvest of fisheries resources in coastal New South Wales, Australia
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries
  • Stephan Schnierer, Southern Cross University
  • H Egan
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Peer Reviewed
A key aspect of equitable management of the world’s fishery resources is the provision of traditional fishing access for Indigenous peoples. In Australia, increased recognition of the importance of fisheries to Indigenous culture and livelihoods over recent years has created a need for information on the species targeted to support policy and management. In the State of New South Wales (NSW), research on Indigenous fisheries catch composition is limited to two major studies. Here, we compare and combine data on Indigenous catch composition from these two studies to produce a comprehensive synthesis of current knowledge of Indigenous fisheries in NSW. The species harvested include more than 150 species of finfish and invertebrates, over 90 % of which are also harvested by commercial and recreational fishers. Our findings provide an empirical basis for future development of policy and management initiatives to meet the needs of Indigenous fishers and other stakeholders, as well as the principles of sustainable fisheries harvest.
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Schnierer, S & Egan, H 2016, 'Composition of the Aboriginal harvest of fisheries resources in coastal New South Wales, Australia', Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 693-709.