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About Stefan Andreasson

My research background is in comparative politics and southern African politics, with a long standing interest in international political economy and the history of political thought in terms of how these fields of study bear on our understanding of political transitions, development, democratisation and the evolving nature of the postcolonial world.
My research has increasingly become focussed on Africa's changing role in the global economy, in particular on Africa's energy (oil and gas) markets in the context of the competition between US and UK companies and those of the emerging powers. Another area of recent research concerns comparative and theoretical aspects of Anglo-American conservatism and its applicability to the study of postcolonial politics.


Present School of Politics, International Studies & Philosophy, Queen's University Belfast
Present Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Queen's University Belfast

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Comparative Politics, International Relations, Southern Africa, International Political Economy, History of political thought, Conservatism, Postcolonialism, Development, State - business relations, BRICS and emerging markets, and Energy, Oil and Gas

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  • International Political Economy
  • American Politics
  • Global Resource Politics

Contact Information

School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy & Politics
Queen's University Belfast
25 University Square
Belfast BT7 1NN
United Kingdom


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