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Uniform Approximation of Homeomorphisms by Diffeomorphisms
Topology and its Applications (2014)
  • Stefan Müller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
We prove that a compactly supported homeomorphism of a smooth manifold of dimension n≥5 can be approximated uniformly by compactly supported diffeomorphisms if and only if it is isotopic to a diffeomorphism. If the given homeomorphism is in addition volume preserving, then it can also be approximated uniformly by volume preserving diffeomorphisms.
  • Uniform approximation,
  • Homeomorphism,
  • Diffeomorphism,
  • Isotopic,
  • Volume preserving
Publication Date
December, 2014
Publisher Statement
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Citation Information
Stefan Müller. "Uniform Approximation of Homeomorphisms by Diffeomorphisms" Topology and its Applications Vol. 178 (2014) p. 315 - 319
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