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Applying the Information Commons Concept in Your Library
Library Technology Conference
  • Stacey Greenwell, University of Kentucky
MORNING KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Learn more about the information commons -- what it is and why you might want to develop one -- as well as how to apply the concept to your library space, regardless of library type. She will discuss implementation from planning and design to publicity and assessment sharing numerous examples of successful information commons implementations, including the Hub, the information commons at the University of Kentucky. Tips for librarians who want to create a space for today's 21st century students will be included throughout the presentation.
Start Date
18-3-2009 9:30 AM
End Date
18-3-2009 10:45 AM

Stacey Greenwell is Head of the Information Commons (the Hub) at the University of Kentucky. The Hub combines a technology help desk and computer lab with a traditional library reference desk.
Citation Information
Stacey Greenwell. "Applying the Information Commons Concept in Your Library" (2009)
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