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Revisiting guided reading: An analysis of common misconceptions
Reading in Virginia (2018)
  • Stacey Bose, Liberty University
Guided reading is a common practice in many elementary classrooms today.  While the concept of guided reading has roots that are several decades old, the current model emerged in the 90’s as an improved method for providing differentiated small group reading instruction. This article addresses some common misconceptions seen in schools as the model has been implemented and sustained over the years. Each misconception is described with a vignette and then followed with an analysis of how the misconception differs from the guided reading model. Suggestions are provided for overcoming each misconception through collaboration and on-going professional development.
  • guided reading,
  • reading groups,
  • flexible grouping
Publication Date
Spring 2018
Citation Information
Stacey Bose. "Revisiting guided reading: An analysis of common misconceptions" Reading in Virginia Vol. XL (2018) p. 61 - 70
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