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Need of open access repositories for NARS in India
Current Science (2010)
  • Sridhar Gutam, Indian Agricultural Research Institute
  • A K Mishra
  • P S Pandey
  • Chandrasekharan H
  • Aneeja G
About 93% of the funds for NARS research and development (R&D) are sourced from the government. In 2003, the Government of India had spent about 0.36% of gross domestic product (GDP), amounting to US$ 949 million. In NARS, about 118 journals are published by various institutes and scientific/scholarly societies. However, only seven journals are OA journals and the rest are traditionally print-only journals and hosted-online journals. The establishment of open access repositories (OAR) would be a good opportunity for all the institutes and universities in NARS to showcase and publicize their research to the world and enable access to the work of its staff and students. The OAR would present the institution’s academic work, which is spread amongst hundreds of journals in one place.
  • NARS,
  • Open Access,
  • Institutional Repositories
Publication Date
June 25, 2010
Citation Information
Sridhar Gutam, A K Mishra, P S Pandey, Chandrasekharan H, et al.. "Need of open access repositories for NARS in India" Current Science Vol. 98 Iss. 12 (2010)
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