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Unpublished Paper
Need for a Phenotyping Platform for Identification of Abiotic Stress Tolerant Rootstocks in Mango
Gutam's Personal Blog (2013)
  • Sridhar Gutam, Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture
Mango (Mangifera indica), the national fruit of India is now occupying an area of 1.23 m. ha. producing 10.99 m. tones is ranking first among world’s mango producing countries. During the year 2011-12, India had exported over 634 lakh tonnes of fresh mangoes worth of Rs. 209.74 crore (Ref. See the link here). The Confederation of Indian Industry and McKinsey & Company Report (2013) had identified mango crop which has high potential for Indian agriculture. However, to meet the growing demand in the country and abroad for the mango fruits. we need to increase the current productivity (12 t/ha) in the country. We also need to understand that under the changing global climate regime, there should be high-quality supply of the planting material with biotic and abiotic stress tolerance traits. Mango trees are propagated by grafting desired cultivar’s scion on locally available rootstocks that are very heterogeneous and are not true-to-type as they are reproduced from seeds. As these rootstocks confers the tolerance/susceptibility and alters the architecture of the tree, identification of an ideal rootstock from polyembryonic plants having abiotic stress tolerance traits seems to be the only possibility. But there are challenges for the same. Therefore, there is a need for the establishment of a low-cost Phenotyping platform to study the mango plant’s root systems, identification of abiotic stress tolerant root traits and study of scion-rootstock combination leading to the identification and development of suitable location specific abiotic stress tolerant rootstocks in mango. It is hoped that the upcoming symposium on ‘Phenotyping for Agriculture Sustainability‘ in Chennai during February 17-19, 2014, there would be discussion and plant of action for the development of low-cost Phenotyping platforms for fruit trees like mango.
  • Phenotyping,
  • Mango,
  • Fruits
Publication Date
December 28, 2013
Citation Information
Sridhar Gutam. "Need for a Phenotyping Platform for Identification of Abiotic Stress Tolerant Rootstocks in Mango" Gutam's Personal Blog (2013)
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