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Nanotechnology Innovations & Business Opportunities : A Review
International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering (2016)
  • Sreeramana Aithal
Nanotechnology deals with understanding and control of matter at dimensions of roughly one
to one hundred nanometers. It involves the creation and use of structures, devices and
systems that have novel properties and functions because of their small size, and the ability to
control or manipulate matter on an atomic scale. Being anticipated as one of the major
breakthrough technology of 21st century, nanotechnology has solutions for all the problems
of mankind and fulfills all necessary desires for human prosperity. The applications of
nanotechnology in different identified areas provide lots of business opportunities. It includes
Food, Medicine, Cleaner water, Better quality air, Electronics, Fuel Cells, Solar Cells,
Batteries, Space Travels, Chemical sensors, Sporting goods, Fabrics, Cleaning products,
Energy, Environment, Health, and Life span increase. The paper covers the applications,
benefits and uses of nanotechnology innovations in different industries, possible business
opportunities for new nanotechnology based products and services due to challenges for
human prosperity on earth, the impact of nanotechnology on business, and the global strategy
on nanotechnology business with an expected time scale and future possibilities of
nanotechnology innovations and the magic (like science fictions) going to happen in human
life. The discussion also emphasize how nanotechnology is going to be a disruptive
innovation by solving all problems in the society like food, energy, drinking water, health and
environment and rendering human life limitless.
  • Nanotechnology,
  • business opportunities of nanotech products,
  • Strategy to market nanotech products.
Publication Date
January, 2016
Citation Information
P. S. Aithal, Nanotechnology Innovations & Business Opportunities : A Review, International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering (IJMIE), Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 182-204, (January 2016)