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The Growth of 4G Technologies in India-Challenges and Opportunities
International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering (2016)
  • Sreeramana Aithal, Srinivas Institute of Management Studies, Mangalore, India
The existence of 4G technologies is the indicator or valid proof of the rapid and massive growth of wireless communication technologies, which is propagated through 1G, 2G and 3G technology and 5G as an upcoming technology. 4G networks are introduced with the main intention of customization of a flexible and ubiquitous service provision in the middle of 2012 based on digital broadband packet and all IP very high throughput speed of 100-300 Mbps in peak. The widespread growth of the 4G technology in India will be driven by set of new services which will be made useful for the customers such as accessing the internet and video anywhere, any time and in any places with global roaming and full-fledged support for all other multimedia applications. In India even though 4G technology is introduced early in the year 2014, it’s still not widespread due to some of the challenges faced by the mobile or wireless communication service providers. In this paper 4G technology with respect to the Indian market is analyzed using advantages, benefits, constraints and disadvantages. The different challenges include backhaul, voice over LTE, Regulatory challenge, Ecosystem related challenges, return on investment, chipset compatibility. Wish this paper could play an active role in actual research on4G technology in India.
  • LTE,
  • 4G,
  • ABCD Analysis,
  • Backhaul,
  • Ubiquitous
Publication Date
January, 2016
Citation Information
K. Krishna Prasad and Dr. P. S. Aithal, The Growth of 4G Technologies in India-Challenges and Opportunities, International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering (IJMIE), Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 543 - 551, (January 2016)